Thursday, May 03, 2018

Saturday, February 03, 2018

RIP Go fund me for my dog Sunny


Please help if you can... is so thin and I can not stop this. I'm am so so worried..
click on link below to go to the gofundme  page.. Please share his page if you could it might help..

I new gofundme was a scam..

Sunday, January 07, 2018

 I thought I would start this year with a  fun fact that I never really thought about much ->Surnames.
The fact is that ones surname is  a large puzzle piece of our ancestry. This was the info that I felt pertinent to the subject-

Where did the surname originate?

"Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll - first levied about 1275, Surnames were also used by families before they needed taxation as a means  of  showing  their  connection  to  powerful  families  Surnames go back centuries."

With that said, lots of names make sense to me now like, Taylor,  in old English  its spelled different but pronounced the same "Talleur"
Now some others are easy as well- Walker, Hill, Stewart, Wood, Butler, Fisher, Cole, Wells, Hunter, Berry, etc. Mine is Kitchens in old English spelled "Cycen".  So take a look see what's the real spelling of you surname..

Friday, January 05, 2018

Hi all, Oh my has it been a while. Two computers later, and a few heart attacks.. Well  that does not seem to keep this old gal down!! LOL
Year of the dog, my favorite! I have my two Aussies still and loving them every day. With Yule behind us and spring approach's I feel a great positive coming our way .To be truthful I cannot wait for that warm sun on my face again. I have great plans for planting some specialty gardens this year. I'll try to add a few pictures for the past couple years of my comings and goings and new subjects too! So glad to be back here missed the blog terribly.
Oh yes ,My tribute to the New year happy 2018 All.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Harvest time with lots of help !

Well its  been a long time since I gave a update on my resident helpers here at Ravenswood. Things were  a blaze this season with veggies and fruits this year. Lots of hard work, but best of all lots of great friends, and help, equaled a glorious harvest!
Some of you may remember my first encounter with Byrum Thimbleberry (2009). Well since then his cousin (on his mothers side) Ballota  Munstead came up from Rootunder, to live, and help Byrum with duties here at Ravenswood. We've been happy to have him. Ballota's  help was much needed and his expertise in vole control, and removal from my pumpkin patch was very much appreciated!!
To our surprise, two days ago near the entrance to Rootunder, my dogs and I came upon a new fellow. He introduced himself as; Thymus BeeBliss from "Twisted Maple Grove". (a short stretch of the legs from Rootunder.) Thymus informed us that Bryrum; (his uncle ) had requested that he join him here at Ravenswood for his training in gnome residency. He is young, but seems eager and strong so I will leave it up to Byrum  to see to his comfort. Here at Ravenswood we can always use extra hands..
Current photo's ;

  Ballota Munstead
   Thymus BeeBliss

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blue cochin rocking in its egg

From rocking egg

CLICK ON WORDS LINK ROCKING EGG, TO VEIW. do not know why it does not work by clicking video?
Look close, sorry it is so dark.  The lighting was dim were I had my incubator set up. It helps to control the heat in the room thus keeping a steady consistent temperature in incubator Please excuse my clucking, that how I got it to rock  LOL!!

New Blue standard Cochin fresh hatch

Sweet baby number one of 3 !!

MY DIY Project

Well, I think I like it!!! duc tape has always been a staple around my home. But not the colored type? So I gave it a whirl on a yard sale find. I had been looking for one of these old kitchen chairs FOR EVER! A little rust on the legs and a worn out seat, but a little  black spray paint and my choice of duc colors and here it is..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Spotted Towhee is a large, striking sparrow of sun-baked thickets of the West. When you catch sight of one, they’re gleaming black above (females are grayish), spotted and striped with brilliant white. Their warm rufous flanks match the dry leaves they spend their time hopping around in. The birds can be hard to see in the leaf litter, so your best chance for an unobstructed look at this handsome bird may be in the spring, when males climb into the shrub tops to sing their buzzy songs

But what this does not say is. He is a a little creep, he loves to destroy my garden he nips off the new sprouting cabbage , squash of all varieties, cauliflower, broccoli, CORN, Brussels sprout, green beans..
 I have for the last few years pre started everything in the green house and then transplant in when big enough to take a hit. In the beginning ( 25 years )  I had to replant and replant. Then I went to extensive  bird netting. This year he is attacking the bigger transplants brand new? Its like he was waiting.. I even caught him in my green house once this year. Not eating anything, just destroying, I think he needs a shrink !!

beekeeping 101

I am trying something new here at ravens wood. I am going to see if my bees will fill the jars themselves? LOL   As a novelty..

I will let you know how it all turns out?

Well, all this is how I spent my Sunday had to get it done early before the heat hit..  It is yummy !!
 Pumpkin bread, home made using my home grown sugar pumpkin, and home made white bread..