Monday, October 30, 2006

BriteRavens Castle

Hi All, I clicked a picture of BriteRaven Castle .
I thought I would share this lovely scenic photo.
What a lucky fairy she is!!

Sparkles &

Thursday, October 26, 2006

glitter happy halloween


Hi All, Where here is my patience in living color....


A shake ,a rattle, a pinch of glue,
Oh my should I use the color blue?
A squeeze, a tear, a desperate shake,
I wonder where my scissors are; Give me a break!
Tissue paper, THAT'S IT! But Alas I can’t find the tape?
This little box is still intact,
I guess we'll have to wait to see how things go in----> the next act!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Enchantres's & Bee's Un-opened Grab Bag Boxs

" Bee's Grab bag box" " Enchantres's Halloween table & Grab bag"

Hi All, Well here they are, Mine was photographed the day I received it. I will post a current picture real soon---> to this thread ..The box is very decorated now? Gee, does that mean I have no self control and I thought of opening the box that many times???

Here in Our Enchantress's own words she describes her wonderful Halloween decorations.. That keep her grab bag company.. "I LOVE THAT BLACK CAT!!" The table includes: a black cat (on guard), a crystal ball decorated with KF napkin holders on the stand, a long-stemmed black wine glass with a KF enhancer affixed to it, Whichywomn's Halloween ATC, two candles, and a tiny jeweled box. An ivory KF shawl is draped over it. On the chair is another KF shawl (a peacock shawl), the KF sequin album, the Seaview feather fan and a black mask. The black bag in front contains the unopened grab bag.

Enchantres & Bee

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Decorations

Well, I thought I would take time a put up some pictures of my Halloween table and some other decorations in my home.. Oh my skinny friend hanging up there--->.. I named him Benny, he tells jokes everytime you walk by.. I think I will keep him up all year. I am a sucker for a dumb joke!! The lights in the back ground are a big purple spider web..

I hope you enjoyed looking... I love Halloween!!



"Sprinkle seeds of joy and your life will be filled with friends"


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Elemental Magic

Crystal balls in hallowed halls.
Flames of love and of things to come.
Water peaceful and silent as a dove.
Stones in colors of every hue.
Women of magic, using earths elements true.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Halloweens Past

Well by now you have figured out I love Halloween. These are some photos of my Halloween past coming at the end of harvest from my gardens. Yep, thats my Nickie dog guarding his moms soon to be jack-o-lanterns.....


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These are five of my Jacks from last Halloween.
I grew them all and carved them too!!

New Poem below: Inspired by my dear friend BriteRaven and her Halloween Ball!!

1313 Mill House Lane

A hoot, a snap, a creaking stair,
Strange figures flying in the air.
The witching hour - as the bell tolls true,
To lure you to the witches brew.
Glowing eyes, in pumpkin fresh,
To help you find the Halloween fest...



Saturday, October 07, 2006

Magical Evening

Well, What a glorious evening it was. My hubby started the bon fire at 6:30. I went out with hotdogs and marshmallows to roast and a bottle of RavensWood 2004 ( which I found goes amazingly well with roasted marshmallows) I decided to save my honey wine for All Halo's Eve. We watched the moon illusion as she arose.. It was grand. We stayed out till after ten.. It was just wonderful.. I thought of all my fairy friends while enjoying the moon.. Wishing they could be here with me..
I wrote two poems befitting this years beautiful Harvest Moon and took these photo's too!!



The moon beams bright
A true Harvest Moon night.
Tis the time of the harvest
and of bon fire light.
With all of natures colors
glowing in the moon light.

Spell-binding Moon

Oh harvest moon burning bright
Cleanse me in your bright moon light
Rid me of my inhibitions
Bring my new future into my vision.

By Beecharmer
Oct 6th 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Halloween Cards I made for my Grand-Daughters

Hi All, Well this is my attempt to make Halloween cards for my two grand-daughters ( Alyssa 7 & Abby 4) I never get to see them so this is my way of sharing my favorite holiday with them in some small way...


Ghostly Experience ? Ghostly Proof?

Well, I decided to put one of my own ghostly experience on my blog just for Halloween. These photos were taken by my hubby last fall.. They were part of a bunch of digital photos I took ( 72 to be exact) that were taken all in the same day.. This particular sequence was taken in my bedroom.. So you tell me.... Having spirits around here is nothing new ----- But I never expected this.... I would not of thought much of this except the image moved from frame to frame in different spots and I was not moving.... One of the photos (the second one) the Ghosley image/Orb is not there. The smaller spots in the later images I enlarged to find the orb/face is the same face but small.... These images are marked by my little green arrows...

Happy Haunting

Monday, October 02, 2006

Part of my Halloween post card Collection


I had to share these ..
I love these post cards!!!
I am a art lover especially of the old days , and have a true soft spot for victorian art.

Happy Haunting


Tis here, the Month of the Harvest Moon

Hallow's Eve

As darkness falls the moon shines bright.
A crack, a snap, will still this night.
The sound of silence, the gleaming bright.
Does chill the soul on Halloween night.