Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shell belt progress

Hi to all, Well this busy bee is making head way... Here is a update,
The shell belt is almost done.. Then to give it the stress test?? It is coming out pretty good.. I tryed to match it a bit to the fairy hair piece I made first... I used different colored leaves and added some leaves and flowers that I used in the hair piece as to try to coordinate.. It is Lammas on Saturday Aug. 1st.

It is getting close now, Faeryworlds opens on Friday the 31st.. So I am moving along. I am getting excited too, I have a-lot of work here to get done so I will not be behind in my gardens . I have been splitting my time up.. I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.. Figured out my wireless Internet on my laptop.., got a You -tube account, so video and pictures I will get of the event to share for all of you.. Anyway it is Hot here 100+ so I must get moving ...


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update Faeryworlds creations

Hi to all, Faery garb, update,
The hair-beads are done... For "Bad (gothic pirate) Faery Night" !!
The Capt. would be proud.. LOL
The Lil vintage purse I have had for a while... Yard sale find...
It is now the Bee's -->official Faery dust bag.. Just a sparkling jewel away from being done.. Anyone recognize this wand pin??

Still working on the shell belt, and a small alteration on the Bad Faery outfit..

Getting things organized to pack up and planning for the outdoor event....
Weather is wet here now for a few days so hopefully I can work indoors and get the rest done??
Hugs bee

Friday, July 10, 2009

FaeryWorlds has moved its Location

HI to all, What a surprise this was!!! But a most welcome one.. This park is fab.. It is big . Full of flora an fauna.. And soon faery's from around the world what a place to celebrate Lammas.. Drat I love to camp over too!!! I so wish my vintage motor home was running!!!!

I am still getting ready, starting to pack an get stuff ready that I will need.. Working on hair ideas now.....?????
Here is to link with some photo's of the park...