Monday, July 30, 2007

What was OLD is now NEW

Hi To all You Tolkein fans, As for me--> a very big big fan since a very long time ago... Profesor Tolkeins' son Christopher has recently had published one of the storys from Professor Tolkeins' unfinished works called--> The book of Lost Tales.. "The Children of Hurin". Christopher has dedicated himself to his fathers archives. The series "Lost Tales" was written by Professor Tolkein long before the "Lord of the Rings". It will return us to a land full of elves, men, hobbits and dragons. To the lands of tree beard...

I am very excited about this publication I cannot wait to get mine...


Friday, July 27, 2007

The Harry' EST-> States & Towns

Hi All, I found this info on Amazon I thought it was so cool the winner of the Harry'-est town got a $5000 donation to the towns library from Amazon Books. I think they got this survey number from the books that were ordered only through But how cool!!
The Top 100 Harry-est Towns in America
  1. Falls Church, Virginia
  2. Gig Harbor, Washington
  3. Fairfax, Virginia
  4. Vienna, Virginia
  5. Katy, Texas
  6. Media, Pennsylvania
  7. Issaquah, Washington
  8. Snohomish, Washington
  9. Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  10. Fairport, New York
  11. Woodinville, Washington
  12. Princeton, New Jersey
  13. Webster, New York
  14. West Chester, Pennsylvania
  15. Williamsville, New York
  16. Fredericksburg, Virginia
  17. Port Orchard, Washington
  18. Decatur, Georgia
  19. Larchmont, New York
  20. Downingtown, Pennsylvania
  21. Canton, Georgia
  22. Woodstock, Georgia
  23. Williamsburg, Virginia
  24. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  25. Bel Air, Maryland
    Suwanee, Georgia
    Middletown, Delaware
    Herndon, Virginia
    Powell, Ohio
    Sebastopol, California
    Northville, Michigan
    Grass Valley, California
    Orange Park, Florida
    Aspen, Colorado
    Collegeville, Pennsylvania
    Mill Valley, California
    Park City, Utah
    Newark, Delaware
    Dallas, Georgia
    Norcross, Georgia
    Chatham, New Jersey
    Laurel, Maryland
    Plymouth, Michigan
    Littleton, Colorado
    Sonoma, California
    Grand Blanc, Michigan
    Great Neck, New York
    Warrenton, Virginia
    Warwick, New York
    Clermont, Florida
    Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
    Morrisville, North Carolina
    Fallon, Nevada
    Stone Mountain, Georgia
    Brighton, Michigan
    Poulsbo, Washington
    Rockville, Maryland
    Estes Park, Colorado
    Mount Airy, Maryland
    Placerville, California
    Hillsborough, North Carolina
    Erie, Colorado
    Chardon, Ohio
    Woodside, California
    Lake Stevens, Washington
    Ballston Spa, New York
    Alpharetta, Georgia
    Plainfield, Illinois
    Howell, Michigan
    Bothell, Washington
    Ojai, California
    Loganville, Georgia
    Bronxville, New York
    Hendersonville, North Carolina
    Redmond, Washington
    Scarsdale, New York
    Los Altos, California
    Alexandria, Virginia
    Lawrenceville, Georgia
    Ithaca, New York
    Emeryville, California
    Ambler, Pennsylvania
    Parker, Colorado
    Golden, Colorado
    Fort Mill, South Carolina
    Morris Plains, New Jersey
    Westlake Village, California
    Lilburn, Georgia
    Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
    Sandpoint, Idaho
    Auburn, California
    Charlottesville, Virginia
    Lake Villa, Illinois
    Castle Rock, Colorado
    Marietta, Georgia
    Saline, Michigan
    Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
    Monroe, New York
    Abingdon, Virginia

#100 Granbury, Texas

The Harry-est States in America

1 District of Columbia
2 Vermont
3 Utah
4 Washington
5 Massachusetts
6 Maine
7 New Hampshire
8 Wyoming
9 Maryland
10 Connecticut
11 Colorado
12 Oregon
14 Idaho
15 Delaware
16 Rhode Island
17 New York
18 California
19 New Jersey
20 North Dakota
21 Minnesota
22 Alaska
23 Pennsylvania
24 Wisconsin
25 Montana
26. Illinois
27. Nevada
28. New Mexico
29. Michigan
30. Arizona
31. Nebraska
32. Ohio
33. Iowa
34. Missouri
35. North Carolina
36. Kansas
37. Georgia
38. Indiana
39. Tennessee
40. Florida
41. Texas
42. South Dakota
43. Hawaii
44. Kentucky
45. West Virginia
46. Oklahoma
47. South Carolina
48. Louisiana
49. Alabama
50. Arkansas
51. Mississippi

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Three Mearas

Hi To All,
I have been wanting to do this post for a while now.. This painting is actually the top of a antique hat box.. My Great Grandmother cut it from the box top and framed it.. My first memory of this painting is about three years of age. I use to stare at it in my Great Grandmother's house as it hung in her living room. I remember telling my Great Grandma I loved these horse's. She said maybe one day I could have it.. When I was 20 years of age my Grandmother phoned me and ask me to come in to town, I did and she had this waiting for me. She said she remembered that Great Grandma said she wanted me to have it.. My Great Grandmother passed at age 99.
Here is some lore on The Three Meara's
If they existed I believe this artist captured their image here..

In the old north of Middle-earth lived a proud race of wild Horses long-lived, wise and fleet of foot. They were called by men (particularly the Rohirrim) The Mearas. The legends of men said that their ancestors The Three Mearas had been brought from the West by Béma, their name for the ValaOromë.
One of these was captured as a foal by Léod of the Éothéod. It grew into a strong white horse, but when Léod tried to mount it, it threw him and killed him. Léod's son Eorl took the horse himself, naming him Felaróf. Felaróf was one of the greatest horses to have ever lived, and was said to understand the speech of Men. He carried Eorl when the Éothéod rode south to Rohan, and there sired a race of horses nearly as great as himself.
These were The Mearas, noble horses that lived as long as a Man, and had extraordinary strength and intelligence. Throughout their history, they would only allow themselves to be ridden by the Lord of the Mark or his sons. This long tradition was broken by Gandalf, who managed to train the greatest of the Mearas of his time, Shadowfax, and rode that mighty horse throughout the War of the Ring.

The word Mearas comes from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning simply 'horses. Its singular form would be Mearh.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Anything to sell a Newspaper

Hi to all, Well the New York times has not disappointed again.. Their lack of journalistic respect has been pushed to the fore front of news once again. You think with all the plagiarism that has been exposed about the NY Times you would think they would like to keep a handle on the bad press they get of late?? Although I have not purchased a NY Times newspaper in 30 years.. I saw early on their lack of creativeness and responsible journalism.. I am sorry for those who have been so discouraged by this latest stunt..
It seems a statement made by a pastor in Kansas fits this situation perfectly;

The NY Times has coveted their neighbor's possession and called it ambition.

Here is a copy of a press release provided by JK Rowling's and Bloomsbury Publishing.


Who did not get it spoiled :-)

10:01 AM PDT, July 19, 2007

Bloomsbury, the UK publishers of the Harry Potter novels, issued a press release today in response to copies of the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, being released prior to the 'UK, US and worldwide embargo time agreed with retailers, suppliers, and all third parties involved of 00.01AM British Summer Time on Saturday July 21st 2007.' Being 'extremely dismayed' of the breach, the publishers note the worldwide embargo that the publisher's customers in 93 various countries 'robustly support' and is being enforced 'without exception.'

The press release also contains statements from author JK Rowling and the publisher in regards to some media outlets releasing unauthenticated information against the specific the wishes of Jo Rowling and the publishers. Jo Rowling said today, in a statement:

"I am staggered that some 'American newspapers" have decided to publish purported spoilers in the form of reviews in complete disregard of the wishes of literally millions of readers, particularly children, who wanted to reach Harry's final destination by themselves, in their own time. I am incredibly grateful to all those newspapers, booksellers and others who have chosen not to attempt to spoil Harry's last adventure for fans."

UK publisher Bloomsbury goes on to comment in the press release on the worldwide embargo that the publishers customers in 93 various countries, 'robustly support' the 12:01am BST embargo on the books. The publisher also issued a thank-you to the many media outlets around the world who have supported their efforts and not released speculated information prior to the release. In part the statement reads:
We would like to thank our customers and suppliers again for their full support given in so many different ways. We would also like to thank the worldwide media for their own observance of, and strict policing of, the embargo to preserve the secrecy of the plot for the readers of Harry Potter.

This is syndicated from The Leaky Cauldron

Friday, July 13, 2007

Drawing visitors to your fairy garden

When the sunsets on the garden, the night shift begins.
Many plants bloom exclusively at night. Many more wait until evening to release their heady scent. White flowers and plants with variegated foliage glow softly as they reflect the moonlight. But for a few of our flying friends, the work goes on. The bright blooms of some plants and heavenly scent of some flowers attract NOT only fairies but--> nectar-feeding bats, owls, and crickets. These pollinators work only after dark. Other bats are drawn to the night-blooming garden to prey on insects. They each can consume 600 mosquitoes per hour.

Include plants from each of these categories:

For a night garden, alba or white flowers are used because their iridescent color will stand out in the twilight and evening darkness. Especially helpful in a night garden are flowers that have a strong sweet smell particularly at night, such as Nicotiana affinism,--> tobacco plant, Mirablis jalapa, Four o'clock flowers, Hesperis matronalis or Dame's violet or Sweet rocket.

Tobacco: (Nicotiana ) is a lovely annual with long, trumpet-like blooms valued for their intense evening fragrance.

Night Gladiolus: (Gladiolus tristus ) features creamy yellow blossoms with an intensely spicy night fragrance.

August Lily: (Hosta ) produce waxy, trumpet-shaped flowers with a honey scent.

Fragrant Columbine: (Aquilegia fragrans ) offers creamy white flowers with a rich honeysuckle scent.

Pinks: (Dianthus plumarius ) display pale pink flowers smelling of cloves.

Fairy Lily: (Chlidanths fragrans ) bears yellow, fragrant flowers on stalks in mid-summer

White blooms and reflective foliage plants

Plants with white blooms that reflect light include 'Purity' cosmos, 'Armour White' verbena, 'Alba' foxglove, 'Bride' impatiens, 'Alba' bleeding heart , 'Moonraker' cape fuchsia, 'Perry's White' Oriental poppy, White forsythia, 'Alba' columbine and 'White lace' dianthus .
The silver or white hairs on some leaves contribute a distinct character to the night garden. Plant silver artemesia, lamb's ears, silver sage, caladiums or variegated cannas.

Vegetables and herbs

Candidates for the night garden are not limited to plants in the flower garden. The vegetable garden can be a moonlit and fragrant attraction as well. Look for herb varieties with white or cream-colored leaf variegation. Some plants you may want to try are 'Alba' white fruited eggplant, 'Casper' or 'Boo' white pumpkins, silver thyme, basils, mints and oreganos.

Night-flowering Plants

Night Phlox: (Phlox 'Midnight Candy' ) at dusk, flowers open to release a honey/almond/vanilla fragrance.

Evening Stock: (Matthiola incana ) has small pink or purplish flowers that are not showy, but emit an intoxicating fragrance at night.

Four O'Clock: (Mirabilis jalapa ) is a sweetly fragrant annual with colorful trumpet-shaped flowers that open in late afternoon and release a jasmine-like perfume.

Notingham Catchfly: (Silene nutans ) ottoffers a scent reminiscent of hyacinths. The flowers open on three successive nights before fading.

Night Blooming Cereus: (Selenicereus ) is known for its large, fragrant, night-blooming white flowers. This cactus is not hardy below 55°F, so grow it in a container and bring indoors for the winter.

Daylilies: (Hemerocallis ) that bloom at night include 'Moon Frolic' and 'Toltec Sundial'.

Yucca: (Yucca filamentosa ) bears flowers that are open both day and night.


January *~* Wolf Moon, gnomes, brownies

February*~* Ice Moon, house faeries, both of the home itself and of House plants

March *~* Storm Moon, Mer-people, Air and Water beings who are connecte
with spring rains and storms

April *~* Growing Moon, plant faeries

May *~* Hare Moon, faeries, elves

June *~* Mead Moon, sylphs, zephyrs

July *~* Hay Moon, hobgoblins (small, grotesque but Friendly Brownie type

creatures), faeries of harvested crop

August*~* Corn Moon, dryads

September - Harvest Moon,trooping faeries

October *~* Blood Moon,frost faeries, plant faeries

November ~ Snow Moon, subterranean faeries

December ~ Cold Moon, snow faeries, storm faeries, winter tree faeries

Variable ~ Blue Moon, Banshees and other beings who carry

messages between the worlds

Moonlight Garden

There is nothing more beautiful at night than looking up at the Moon and looking down at its audience. A symphony of beautiful flowers that stand at attention, when the night comes upon us! Whether you would like an Herb Garden, a Medicine Wheel Garden, or maybe a Fairy Garden, these themes can help you with ideas to bring Mother Earth alive, not in your imagination, but in your gardens and your hearts. A Moon Garden is all about flowers that bloom at night. They are generally white, but can be in other pale shades. Depending on the hardiness zone you live, there are many flowers you can plant for your Moon Garden.
Listed below are just a few of the flowers suggested for your Moon Garden. Only some of these bloom at night, but the rest of them make wonderful additions to the Moon Garden.
Have fun!!

GIANT MOONFLOWER, A fast growing vine related to the morning glory, this annual may climb to 10 feet. Tightly closed by day, its white flowers open at dusk to release a sweet fragrance. Flowers can be seen very clearly in moonlight.

PINK EVENING PRIMROSE, A lovely border plant growing to 12" with silky, rose colored blooms that deepen to a butter-yellow center. Opens in late evening to release soft fragrance.
JASMINE TOBACCO, Sweet scented alata A very sweet scented flowering tobacco with pure white trumpet shaped flowers 3-4" long and 1-1/2" wide that open in evening. Very free flowering. Fall sown seedlings make great pot plants for growing during the winter. A good Moon Garden subject as flowers open at night and show up well in moonlight.

WHITE ANGEL'S TRUMPET TOLOACHE, Excellent Moon Garden plant with large showy pure white trumpet shaped flowers up to 8" long that open at night. Sometimes fragrant. Large spiny seed pods. One of the largest Angel's Trumpet.

SOUTH AFRICAN DIMORPHOTHECA ,This is the famous flower from the flora of the South African countryside. Grows only 12" tall with milky white blossoms so pure they appear to be luminous. Shows up very well at night under moonlight.

PURE WHITE SPIDER PLANT, A delightful spider plant that grows about 3 ft. tall. Very different, as it has pure white glistening flowers. Pre-chill seeds for about a week before sowing, should germinate in about 2-3 weeks.

PURE WHITE AFRICAN DAISY, A fast growing African daisy growing to 10 inches with large, pure white flowers with black eyes. A slightly spreading plant.

FRAGRANT BRIDAL CARNATIONS, An unusual carnation with pure white, absolutely symmetrical, very fragrant flowers. A must for any flower arrangement.

WHITE DILL AMMI MAJUS, A beautiful plant growing to about 36 in. tall with clouds of white flowers often in clusters 6 in. or more across. Excellent as a cut flower or as a filler in bouquets. Seeds need light to germinate. Seedlings will appear in about two weeks.

SUPER WHITE CANDYTUFT FLORIST'S STRAIN, This flower will stand out in any arrangement. Beautiful large trusses of brilliant white flowers on sturdy stems. Very easy to raise. Seeds germinate in about 10 days.

WHITE LEAVED DUSTY MILLER, The foliage of this plant is very white and fine leafed. Good compact growth. A different looking dusty miller that will stand out in your garden. Sow seeds on surface, germinates in about 2 weeks.

PURE WHITE SALVIA, Grows 10-12 inches with dark green foliage and pure white flowers. Very unusual and very early flowering.

PURE WHITE CONEFLOWER ECHINACEA VAR., A lovely pure white version of echinacea purpurea that bears fragrant white coneflowers. Very nice cutflowers.

SNOW WHITE CARNATION DIANTHUS CARYOPHYLLUS, Probably the whitest carnations you will ever see. An excellent cutflower, they also make wonderful bedding and border plants. Have spicy-sweet fragrance.

FEVERFEW MATRICARIA CAPENSIS, A native American herb with sprays of 1" single white daisy like flowers. Yellow centers are flat. The flowers are said to repel bees and a tea made from the plant is said to relieve headaches.

MAYWEED MATRICARIA CHAMOMILLA, A gorgeous plant with fern-like foliage and white daisy-like flowers. The leaves make a relaxing bed-time tea. Four O'Clocks These are fragrant flowers that come in several colors. Their trumpet shape blooms open in the evening around four p.m. and close in the daylight.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Color Association

Hi All, Several have ask about colors for decoration in association with the Sabats. I have listed them here for you. Also I have added the color association with the days of the week and the particular significance.. The wheel in a previous blog entry is a example of color association to the Pagan wheel of the year..


Day of the Week Color Association & Symbolism

Monday, White purification, protection, peace
Tuesday, Red protection, strength, health, passion, courage
Tuesday, Orange stimulation, energy
Tuesday, Green money, fertility, growth, employment
Wednesday, Purple power, healing, spirituation, meditation
Thursday, Light Blue healing, patience, happiness
Thursday, Brown healing animals
Friday, Pink love, friendship
Saturday, Dark Blue change, psychic ability
Sunday, Yellow intellect, attraction, study, divination

Colors association with the Sabats

Samhain--Black, Orange
Yule--Red, Green, White, Silver, Gold.
Imbolc--White, Orange, Red.
Ostara--Green, Yellow
Beltaine--Green, Soft pink, Blue, Yellow.
Litha--Blue, Green, Yellow
Lammas/Lughnasadh--Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown
Mabon--Orange, Dark red, Yellow, Brown