Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Kayla turned 2 today

A Birthday party for our blue fairy was today, out on the fairy garden...

I cannot believe Kayla, and Sunny are two already!!! Kayla wanted her own fairy wings.. Ever since she saw mine!!! So thats what she got and wore them proudly.. A tiny bite of ice cream topped off her day..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A last look at FaeryWorlds 2009

Hi to all in blog land! This is just a last look at the craftiness found in Fairyland.. Pictures courtesy of my fairy friend Pinkie & myself.

I can now reminisce, and dream of next year...

Sparkling leaves

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Faery Garden Update

The Faery garden wheel of constructing continues to turn.. Summer 2006 was the start date.. and every summer since.. Two people with a imagination and little funds.. We opted for the long term as it was only the two of us doing it all.. With help from my Nickie-RIP and my two young pups Sunny and Kayla.. Well. the last pattern has been laid for the mica stones. We both like this pattern and it will stay. Just the setting is left to do( the real job) stones weigh approx. 30 pounds each.. The water feature /the small pond has been sculpted out by Scotch and reinforced .. The plan is to mortar in a aggregate look with matching pink quartz to match the large stones on either side of the center stone.. This way we can have it dry or with the water. He has created a pump system that will swirl the water around the pond in a circular manner.. This will all go under construction next spring.. That will be the final touches.. All that's left it to light it up for the night!!
Hugs Bee ( who is getting ready to can potato's)

Faery Ring in full bloom!!

My, Oh, My, Byrum out did himself, and was most careful not to step inside....

Hugs B.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tending a fairy ring

Hi All, Here is my helper dear Byrum Thimbleberry, he is tending a most magnificent fairy ring near the rear entrance to my fairy garden...
The wheel of the year is turning, I feel the sweet cool breeze of fall..
Sparkling leaves are falling

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Harvest Moon

Lady Luna was beautiful last night!!! Peaking through blues and yellow orange luminous cloud cover.... she was spectacular...
Sparkling moon beams

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yes, Faery's do the canning TOO!!

Hi to all in blogging land...

Well some of the fairies need to see that yes, Faery's do have there ears on while doing domestic chores... These photos are right after I was done canning green beans all day. I slipped on my red sparkling caftan, and prepared for the KF show to come on the "Q" Monday night... And yes, red wand in hand!!

Sparkling fairy ears to all


Testing out wings

Hi all , Well on a visit to Under-Root yesterday, (located on the far side of Ravenswood), during my travels I decided to test out some new wings.. These are made from asparagus fern..