Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blue cochin rocking in its egg

From rocking egg

CLICK ON WORDS LINK ROCKING EGG, TO VEIW. do not know why it does not work by clicking video?
Look close, sorry it is so dark.  The lighting was dim were I had my incubator set up. It helps to control the heat in the room thus keeping a steady consistent temperature in incubator Please excuse my clucking, that how I got it to rock  LOL!!

New Blue standard Cochin fresh hatch

Sweet baby number one of 3 !!

MY DIY Project

Well, I think I like it!!! duc tape has always been a staple around my home. But not the colored type? So I gave it a whirl on a yard sale find. I had been looking for one of these old kitchen chairs FOR EVER! A little rust on the legs and a worn out seat, but a little  black spray paint and my choice of duc colors and here it is..