Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Baby's here at Ravenswood.  My eggs did not hatch AGAIN !
Non fertile, so alas will go to plan B and try again with better stock management. But that said I got 6 chic's from my feed and grain this weekend  so the little peeps are chirping away.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Please have a safe and happy weekend.....


The sun shines bright, burning hot
as we watch from this tarmac.

In boonie hats and digital cams
straight and tall, brave young men.

No tears of joy will fall today,
As you march off into harm's way.

On bended knee we stop and pray,
for a safe return to this tarmac.
In digital cams, with boonie in hand.

Copyright ©2009 Teresa M. McNair

My green house is full must mean time to plant lets hope I am over flowing. Tomatoes basil celery potato's --from real seeds this year garlic chives sage etc. corn beans squash etc...

Saturday, May 16, 2015


This is my partridge  standard cochin rooster he is 1 1/2 years old..

Newest garden spaces in and ready AHHH my back !!

Finally Got it done Potato's, and my tomato's are in. The other spot is for corn and squash of all kinds .

Garden season is upon me..

Well garden looks like will be in early this year.. not really all ready but on my way one last garden to prep.. This is my tiny one by my green house and MORE hatching eggs  .. My other did not hatch Long story..

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Spring my time of year and the seeds are flying

Can not wait for fresh veggies..
I am busy busy but love every minute of it  had two swarms of bees come home and the buzzing is fantastic..

From 2015-04-07 hatching eggs 2015 april

Well Long time but i am trying to recover...

Hi to all, Its been a while. I am pushing hard to get back on track .. My apologies... for such a long lapse..

 Well spring is here, and many changes "But" as always spring chores are top priority here @ Ravens Wood .. Bee's little cottage is buzzing with bees this year. We had a mild winter, and the hives did well.. Gardens are in the works, and LOTS of planting this year. I joined a neighborhood farm stand.. "Sweet Pea Farm". I also am hatching out chicks again this year.  French Copper Marans,  the chocolate egg layer... just trying for a few ... but it will be nice as I lost 3 of my sweet hearts this last year..

From 2015-04-07 hatching eggs 2015 april