Friday, November 03, 2006

Queen Bee Cell

Hi All, Well it is that time of year again. Time to work my hives and prepare them for winter time.. So a few days before Halloween I did the job and found a special suprprize. A perfect Queen cell left for me to see.. These are rare fully intact. Usually when you pull the frames from the hive for cleaning and removal they get torn up.. But not his time.. I thought I would share this remarkable accomplishment of mother nature. Few have seen this other than bee-keepers .

A queen cell is made special to born a Queen bee. The little workers prepare it and then a egg is laided by the current Queen as she is going to leave the hive to find new digs or she is failing in health and the worker bees know it.. They treat this larva very special*~* the " nurse bees" ( they can not fly) feed the Queen bee larva royal jelly and special hormones.. Then there you have it she crawls down the little tunnel to the end and the nurse bees chew her out.
( You can see that tunnel in the photo)

Anyway This is a true wonder of nature..