Monday, January 07, 2008

Our New Addition

Hi To all, Just had to post a picture of my new addition, Her call name is Kayla. She is 14 weeks old. She is the companion to our Little Sonny who of late is acting like a real big boy. He has been with us about 6 weeks and is potty trained and is learning all the bog boy stuff around Ravenwood. He spied his first deer, raccoons and knows all the birds by heart. He has dominated the male squirrel who just awoke from his winter nap. He patrols our fenced perimeter regularly. He is such a happy boy now Kayla is here. He is teaching her all the ropes around here even potty training her.. Anyway my Aussie pair are so wonderful. She is just lovely and what Sweet personality. My friend Kim called her angel eyes, and she truly has them.. I really think she needs a proper fairy name for her registration. So any and all suggestions are welcome

Sparkles and puppy kiss's

PS; raw hide chew donations are welcome :-)