Friday, July 04, 2008

Another Interesting Life experience

Hi to all, I had my fire works early this year on July 2nd and 3rd.. But the 3rd was the more memorable of the two days.
.. After a night kept awake by thunder all-around us I woke to a nice foggy cool morning about 8:00am. I took Sunny an Kayla out to pee pee. I came in a did my normal stuff. Hubby was up and about. About 9:15 I heard thunder again not to far off.. So I went about my business, then pretty soon I heard some more.. The puppies wanted out to play so about 10am I let them out. They were out about 15 -20 min. when I heard a pretty good rumble.. I told Leo I was getting them in so they would not get to afraid of the noise.. I let them in and put them on the back porch to dry( they were wet from playing). I heard a big clap of thunder and told hubby" see I new it would get loud".. So I tuned off my TV in the living room, and then went a turned off my computer. More thunder was rumbling real close together. So I went into my bed room thought I would make my bed and stay away from the windows.. I bent over an threw a pillow off, then grabbed my other two, still bent over I turned to throw them behind me, and all I new I was I was air born being thrown into the other room in a scissor position with this unbelievable clap of thunder in my head.. I rolled over mid air to keep from hitting the door jam of the other room and slid to a stop in the room next to the kitchen -->about 8 feet from where was standing.. hubby came running from the back porch saying the lightning hit something? --> then saw me on the floor. I could not get up at first but I new it had to be the static shock wave from a bolt that threw me. I never saw a flash so we think it was above the house -->right above. I skinned my knee, elbow, hurt my shoulder a little,my hip and my neck is sore. It was a real good thud..
So I had to listen to thunder for another two hours with my puppies in the bath room that's where hubby put us for safe keeping.. While he went out to see if anything got hit-- But never saw anything that got hit.. The local news said last count 2500 lightning strikes in Puget Sound area the last 24 hours .. So that said "That's all the fire works I want to see thank you"..
hugs Bee