Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Search Of....

Fairy wings.. above


Hi to all, Boy it has taken me a bit to get back here.. I am back.. Gardening has begun, and spring has sprung here at the Bee' s Cottage.. As of late I have been preparing for a a event this summer. Well I needed some fairy garb and of course I did not have anything at home I wanted to wear--> LOL. So in search of I have gone, and am still looking to complete my idea of a fairy look. So the next blogs entries are going to be places and stuff I have found ( in all price ranges) that are "FAIRY" I will add the links as well if I still have them to add.. ( I hate that I always loose links) all good sources in my opinion. I will let you all know what I choose when I am all done looking. I have some time still before I buy..

So lets begin with --> WINGS

Isis fairy wings used in the magical belly dance == http://www.zarifas.com/Belly_Dance_Fairy_Wings

Butterfly type fairy wings--> I like these !! A- lot so much variety and color..


These are expensive but different .



I am leaning towards these branch style ??