Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Well Long time but i am trying to recover...

Hi to all, Its been a while. I am pushing hard to get back on track .. My apologies... for such a long lapse..

 Well spring is here, and many changes "But" as always spring chores are top priority here @ Ravens Wood .. Bee's little cottage is buzzing with bees this year. We had a mild winter, and the hives did well.. Gardens are in the works, and LOTS of planting this year. I joined a neighborhood farm stand.. "Sweet Pea Farm". I also am hatching out chicks again this year.  French Copper Marans,  the chocolate egg layer... just trying for a few ... but it will be nice as I lost 3 of my sweet hearts this last year..

From 2015-04-07 hatching eggs 2015 april