Monday, October 12, 2015

Harvest time with lots of help !

Well its  been a long time since I gave a update on my resident helpers here at Ravenswood. Things were  a blaze this season with veggies and fruits this year. Lots of hard work, but best of all lots of great friends, and help, equaled a glorious harvest!
Some of you may remember my first encounter with Byrum Thimbleberry (2009). Well since then his cousin (on his mothers side) Ballota  Munstead came up from Rootunder, to live, and help Byrum with duties here at Ravenswood. We've been happy to have him. Ballota's  help was much needed and his expertise in vole control, and removal from my pumpkin patch was very much appreciated!!
To our surprise, two days ago near the entrance to Rootunder, my dogs and I came upon a new fellow. He introduced himself as; Thymus BeeBliss from "Twisted Maple Grove". (a short stretch of the legs from Rootunder.) Thymus informed us that Bryrum; (his uncle ) had requested that he join him here at Ravenswood for his training in gnome residency. He is young, but seems eager and strong so I will leave it up to Byrum  to see to his comfort. Here at Ravenswood we can always use extra hands..
Current photo's ;

  Ballota Munstead
   Thymus BeeBliss