Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Approaching My 26th Wedding Anniversary

Hi All, I have decided to post some of my wedding photo's from my album. As it will be 26 years since this day..----> on Aug 4th. I can not believe it has been that long..
I am also posting a poem that I have had for almost that long Called "From Opposite Ends"
I am unsure of the author but it comes from one of Danielle Steels Romance Books..
Hope you enjoy looking at a younger BeeCharmer.

From Opposite Ends

From opposite ends of the earth we came, trundling our bags,
our treasures, our laughter, our hearts.
From opposite ends of the city we came, from different points
where we once stood, so near, yet far apart.

From opposite ends of the world we came, silent and cautious, unseen.
From opposite ends of a lifetime we came, and found a breath of magic hovering in between.
From opposite ends of a kiss we come, to hold each other tight beneath a starry sky.
From opposite ends of a heart we smile, two lives blended into one, with no more opposites
to approach, but simply together, laughing and young, the beautiful man that you are, and I.