Saturday, July 15, 2006


What a wonderful day today was. I awoke to a lovely warm yet over cast day to be greeted by my little quail friends who stopped in for morning coffe with me. I later went to the post and there was a surprize for me in the box. My book had arrived at last. It is a poetry book intitled " The Best Poems of 2005" I was very surprized when I was chosen for this edtion as this is my second time for this publisher. Mine is the first poem in this edition.. I wrote a poem called "Faithful" right after my sons 3rd deploymnet to Iraq..


The sun shines bright, burning hot
as we watch from this tarmac.

In boonie hats and digital cams
straight and tall, brave young men.

No tears of joy will fall today,
As you march off into harms way.

On bended knee we stop and pray,
for a safe return to this tarmac.
In digital cams, with boonie in hand.

Teresa McNair