Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fairy Garden *~*~ progress to date

HI to all.
Well this is were we are at with the Fairy Garden.. This is a mix of photos from start to current. The faery's names are Titania to the right, Melina is the water feature in center, and Museica is to the left *~*~* she is playing a lovely tune to a small sparrow.. Titania and Museica are both solar lights. I have more small lights that change colors that will be placed later in the patio area when I am all done so I can light it up with fairy lights as well as the ground solar lights.. The stones are Rose Quartz and larger ones are Granite, the small stones around the rock scupture are also rose qartz to simulate a pond look I have put sea shells I have collected through the years around in that.. The natural stone patio will be made of Mica all the stones I've used are all memory keepers and also hold special power seperatly and together..There will be a agragate walk way to the front of my home ajoining another patio in front.. Then of course we plant grass on the slope.. Ok that it so far..

Wow its a hard job just explaining it!!! >----> :-)


PS; that "Scotch on The Rocks " in the bob cat.