Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lady Ravens Yule Gift

Merry Christmas my Dear Lady Raven,

This gift is for you with many thanks for all the Merry Making you have given us lucky , lovely , & Sparkling *~*Fairies at Castle Raven this last year..

*~* You have been delivered a very special treasure. *~*

The wardrobe is constructed from solid mahogany which came from the ancient forest of the; Faynavia Tahfirara.
The Mirror is made of crushed & polished crystal acquired in the realm of “Zelle of YuesGrove”. This wardrobe is unlike anything in this world.
With the help of my house elf Knobby I searched the world for this gift. This is a very powerful magical object. Unlike the Mirror of Erised, Alice’s Mirror, or even a Witch’s Glass. This wardrobe is “Portal Exceptional”. Do not let this wardrobe fool you*~* the three doors all have a separate purpose... But only to the one who holds the key.

The door on left; Is an all seeing eye something like the Wicked Witch of the West’s crystal ball. It enables you the holder of the key to see any where in the world in this present time. Anytime of the day or night. Enabling you to see all when ever you like. So when fairies go missing no more worries. If I partake in too much honey wine you can find me quickly <---- LOL.

Insert the key in the left door for the mirror to activate. And call to the mirror with your request.

The door on the right; Will enable you to see the future, but with this there comes a “WARNING”. It can be a dangerous enterprise to seek the futures view too often...
Insert the key at your own risk and call to the mirror with your request.
The Center door; is the best of all. This door enables you to step into any world, in anytime you choose; King Arthur’s Court... Narnia, The Land of Arcane, or Dragons living room. The worlds of time are yours....

Insert the key in the middle door think your happy travel thought and step into the mirror.
To return home place the key upon your third eye and say to yourself “To Castle Raven *~* “Away”

The beads on the keys necklace are polished Aquamarine & Chrysocolla.
The beads were cleansed by Sea Witches in ocean water by the light of the Full Moon.There is more magic in these beautiful stones when worn or carried.
Aquamarine will enhance the utilization of psychic powers. Holding these stones or wearing them around the neck reduces our conscious mind's hold on the psychic mind. It allows the ever-present physic impulses to be heard and to enter our conscious mind. Thus this helps “you” the holder of the key to pass through the mirror and return...
Chrysocolla, Will drive away unreasonable fear and illusions and grants the power of discretion and increased wisdom. Thus protecting the owner of the key.