Sunday, March 25, 2007

This HoneyWine Girl

Hi to all,
Well this honey wine girl is soon off to the big "Bee Round Up.. Lots of fun but lots of work. I will have to bring some extra fairies and a few brownies with me for a cheering section.. We all will be loading bee box's for a whole day and then that evening have a pit barbecue with lots of honey wine and more.. Then the following day is the big logger style picnic. Lots of food and lots of sports -->all about "beecharming" of course. The hive reversal race, the framer race, and of course my favorite the non suited bee charmer.. Ti's a test of not only skill but patience. There is a natural hive on the site in a huge old growth oak.. The trick to winning is; how much raw comb Honey can you get out of the tree with bare hands.. OOOooooo Yep.. I am very good at this. I rarely get stung more than a couple times those little devils just love this ole honey wine girl... :-) I am also the only girl.. There are usually 4 contestants me and three other men. So today I am preparing for the trip. This event is in the little town near my home town... So I am off today to get my gear together..

Sparkles and Fairy hugs

PS: I am taking my laptop with.. :-)