Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Color Association

Hi All, Several have ask about colors for decoration in association with the Sabats. I have listed them here for you. Also I have added the color association with the days of the week and the particular significance.. The wheel in a previous blog entry is a example of color association to the Pagan wheel of the year..


Day of the Week Color Association & Symbolism

Monday, White purification, protection, peace
Tuesday, Red protection, strength, health, passion, courage
Tuesday, Orange stimulation, energy
Tuesday, Green money, fertility, growth, employment
Wednesday, Purple power, healing, spirituation, meditation
Thursday, Light Blue healing, patience, happiness
Thursday, Brown healing animals
Friday, Pink love, friendship
Saturday, Dark Blue change, psychic ability
Sunday, Yellow intellect, attraction, study, divination

Colors association with the Sabats

Samhain--Black, Orange
Yule--Red, Green, White, Silver, Gold.
Imbolc--White, Orange, Red.
Ostara--Green, Yellow
Beltaine--Green, Soft pink, Blue, Yellow.
Litha--Blue, Green, Yellow
Lammas/Lughnasadh--Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown
Mabon--Orange, Dark red, Yellow, Brown