Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Morning It is

Hi to all, What a lovely evening last night was..

Our local weather man was so wrong.. AGAIN..

I new better as I watch the weather patterns myself.

To my surprise after a very late night, I looked upon my fairy rocks this morning and one of the three candles that I lite at my fairy rocks was and is still burning. The fairy offering was Thyme & Fairy Thimbles (Fox Glove) The candle is next to the shell ( center) I gave to my fairy Melina who sits upon the rocks. The candles were new Kirks Folly water melon scent "Yummy"!. I think this is a message from the Fae that they liked what I did!! My puppies were so interested and enthused last night by the decorations on and off the rocks. They had a great time. I hope you all enjoyed a nice evening as well!!

Sparkling Bee