Thursday, June 05, 2008


Hi to all, A tid bit of info here on Litha. Also do you not love the wing s on the fairy in this print... I recently dried some yellow rhododendron flowers, and I just look at them and they really look like fairy wings ???
Sparkles Bee

Litha ;
Brings the Fae out and about, revealing the thin veil that connects our world to theirs. Hold a feast in their honor. If you have any questions for the Fae, now is the time to ask.
As Litha / Summer Solstice, it is a good time to do any fire magic, as the Sun is the strongest at this time. One "ritual" (I love to do is to go out on a hill), the beach, or where ever and just watch the sun set in the western sky. Its kind of relaxing to feel its warmth and it kind of reminds us how nothing lasts forever.

Marriage Correspondences and Lore

Marriage, or hand-fasting, is said to be luckiest when held in June. There are also just as many different traditions around to keep the wedding lucky. Where a whole book could be written on marriage traditions, I have chosen just a few, from the well known, to hopefully a couple of obscure ones.

"Something old, something new; Something borrowed, something blue."

Of course, the tradition of throwing rice, breadcrumbs, and other edibles, at the newly wed couple have many different sources. Some sources say that the edibles were thrown to attract good luck. However, most told reason, is that the edibles were thrown to distract evil spirits, thus preventing them from ruining the newly weds fun.

Other common methods for keeping evil and mischievous spirits away are the tying of cans, bells, and other loud noise makers to the car, cart, horse drawn carriage, etc.


Junes Name-sake:

The goddess of women, marriages and childbirth, and the wife of Jupiter, Juno.
June celebrates the Mother aspect of the Goddess and in a sense, things dealing with security, safety and the happiness of the household. The first crops, berries, are in season in many places. Life has gained a new pace. For those that have a foot in the agricultural world, its the time when roses are blooming, and the corn is about knee high. All looks good.
Now is the time to reflect and take account of the home and its preparations for general security. Do you have all your legal documents in order? Could you find a better insurance company? Do you have the right kinds of insurance? Do you have working batteries in all your clocks and alarms? Are all your magical security amulets and talismans doing well?