Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet Sir Byrum Thimbleberry

What a grand morning it was after three nights of bon fires and roasty marshmallows. I awoke to another beautiful morning...

It was 5: 30 am. I went out with my pups, and took a short stroll around RavensWood. As I entered the fairy garden I heard the sound of water... To my surprise I discovered a new resident that dwells here in the fairy garden…
A most handsome gnome named "Byrum Thimbleberry". I spoke with him only briefly as his work is most important to him.

He hails from “Rootunder”, a small community of gnomes here on the outskirts of RavensWood. It was his time to go out into the world and make his magic... He chose my fairy garden as his home... Here is a snap shot I got of him as I left him to his work..

Sparkling summer sunbeams