Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Cauldron

"The cauldron or pot symbolizes cyclical time and the lunar calendar.This is because the cauldron represents the womb of rebirth. It has been called Soma by the Hindus, Red Claret by the Celts, and Greal by the Welsh Bards.
The Goddess and her cauldron is the center of all feminine power and every female group. Spiritual transformation can only come through Her cauldron, or belly-womb. Ancient tradition says that only women can tap into the great power of the cauldron, for only women are made in the image of the Goddess with her all-renewing womb of rebirth and transformation. This tradition remains in the figure of the witch and her cauldron. The cauldron is also the repository of inspiration and magic, as seen in Cerridwen's cauldron which was sought by the Bards. The Goddess has long been considered to be the source of inspiration and the Mistress of Magic. When a true initiation takes place, the initiate willingly descends into the cauldron, she is often filled with ecstatic emotions when she returns to her present state. She may sing, play music, dance, prophesy, see visions, or become creative in poetry and prose. In short, she is filled with Goddess spirit and inspiration, the type of power that only comes from the sacred cauldron. Such Bards as Taliesin stated that they regularly "drank"from the cauldron to promote their creativity and divine inspiration.
Sparkling Cauldron's