Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Witch's Broom

The Witches Broom or "Besom" is symbolic of cleansing and of fertility. They are used to sweep the circle (or any area) free of unwanted energies, so that the desired energy can fill the space. The besom is sweeping away the psychic dirt, getting the area purified for the ritual at hand. A Witch may begin a ritual by sweeping the area with the magick broom, visualising the psychic dirt being swept out of the ritual area. The sweeping also helps to get the mind ready for the ritual,quieting the mind and narrowing the focus for the witch. The besom is a purifier and is related to the element of Water.

The old picture of the witch riding around on the broom's stick casting magic spells is believed to have come from a agricultural fertility rite, where the women rode around the fields(like on a hobby horse), with the broom between their legs, hoping to bring the farmers a good harvest.

Besoms have been used by Witches to indicate that they were resident( a signal to other witch's you might say), or at work, by placing a besom (broom) outside the door. This is NOT to say that anyone who has a kitchen broom sitting outside their door is a witch.

Many Witches keep a besom by their door, or hanging from their door to protect the home from unwanted outside energies .

Have A bee---witching Day