Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Finding Spring


Red Current

Bleeding heart


I went on a" In search of----> Spring" journey, two days ago .
Took a couple of quick picks of some renewed life..
Ahhhhhh. I love this time of year everything feels so clean and smells so fresh... Something like a treasure hunt.

Along with those pictured I also saw rhododendrons pushing bud, white willows with fuzzy cat kins, red elderberry's trees pushing out leaves, red huckleberry's working on buds, most of my lilies, and Iris are popping up their green heads & lots of crocus. My bee's even took a peek out of the hive to catch a little sun as well!!

Oh, and yes I have already planted tomato seeds in the green house nursery ,and a few cucumber seeds just for good measure. I recently put in a small propane heater in the greenhouse so it keep it nice and warm...

Oh speaking of green house activities.. I have " For-Get -Me Knots flowers in bloom !!

Blessed Be