Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Enchantres's & Bee's Un-opened Grab Bag Boxs

" Bee's Grab bag box" " Enchantres's Halloween table & Grab bag"

Hi All, Well here they are, Mine was photographed the day I received it. I will post a current picture real soon---> to this thread ..The box is very decorated now? Gee, does that mean I have no self control and I thought of opening the box that many times???

Here in Our Enchantress's own words she describes her wonderful Halloween decorations.. That keep her grab bag company.. "I LOVE THAT BLACK CAT!!" The table includes: a black cat (on guard), a crystal ball decorated with KF napkin holders on the stand, a long-stemmed black wine glass with a KF enhancer affixed to it, Whichywomn's Halloween ATC, two candles, and a tiny jeweled box. An ivory KF shawl is draped over it. On the chair is another KF shawl (a peacock shawl), the KF sequin album, the Seaview feather fan and a black mask. The black bag in front contains the unopened grab bag.

Enchantres & Bee