Saturday, October 07, 2006

Magical Evening

Well, What a glorious evening it was. My hubby started the bon fire at 6:30. I went out with hotdogs and marshmallows to roast and a bottle of RavensWood 2004 ( which I found goes amazingly well with roasted marshmallows) I decided to save my honey wine for All Halo's Eve. We watched the moon illusion as she arose.. It was grand. We stayed out till after ten.. It was just wonderful.. I thought of all my fairy friends while enjoying the moon.. Wishing they could be here with me..
I wrote two poems befitting this years beautiful Harvest Moon and took these photo's too!!



The moon beams bright
A true Harvest Moon night.
Tis the time of the harvest
and of bon fire light.
With all of natures colors
glowing in the moon light.

Spell-binding Moon

Oh harvest moon burning bright
Cleanse me in your bright moon light
Rid me of my inhibitions
Bring my new future into my vision.

By Beecharmer
Oct 6th 2006