Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fairy Dress's for Midsummer Nights Eve

Hi All, With Midsummer Eve's fast approach. I thought the fairies needed new gowns for the all night Gala. Here are four choices.. I think they are lovely.. These are designer gowns by; " Fairie-Ality The House of LLwand..

The Fairy Ball
In the East the Sunshine Castle sparkled with golden light A Fairy Ball for one and all was scheduled for that night The fairy folk cleaned the hall and dressed all to a "T". Suits and dresses, curling tresses, from the biggest to the most tiny But one little fairy, Chloe, in a rosebud, took a rest While her fairy sisters and brothers prepared for each guest. The clock struck nine, the party began and the fairy folk danced through the door,The rosebud opened for a look at the fun and Chloe fell Plop! on the floor! "Oh My! Oh My!" she began to cry"I'm not ready for the ball!" But from a Wise One's wink, Chloe changed in a blink to the fairest fairy of all!
Author Unknown