Saturday, June 09, 2007

Plant a Zoo Garden

When I was a little one of my outings was going to the zoo. .
*~*The petting farm was always a favorite stop. *~*

Gardeners can create their own zoo in the landscape. There is a variety of annual and perennial
flowers that have an animal names. You will not have to worry about these residents escaping or chewing on your clothing.

  • For a sunny site consider planting butterfly flower, oxeye, monkey flower, cockscomb and toad flax. These plants all have warm, brightly colored blooms.

  • In a shadier site in the landscape, group together cowslip, cranesbill, dog-tooth violet, toad lily and turtlehead. The flowers on these plants have cool color shades that blend well together.
  • Once your new garden is completed, pack up a picnic lunch and visit the zoo in your own

Flower suggestions;

Bears breeches; Beebalm,butterfly flower,cardinal flower,catnip,cockscomb,cowslip,cranesbill,crowfoot dog-tooth violet, foxglove, goatsbeard, hen-and-chickens, horehound, horsemint,lamb’s ear, larkspur, leopard’s bane, monkey flower, oxeye,pig squeak, pheasant’s eye pink, red robin, snakeroot, Solomon’s seal, spider flower, toad lily, toadflax, turtlehead, wake-robin

Happy Gardening