Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am feeling very luck today !!

Hi all, I realize I have been one of the missing or at least not to active recently. Well I have been a little down in the dumps.. Long story but that's the facts.. Today I made my journey to the post box.. Been a couple weeks--> sad but true.. I found beneath all the bills that I had three lovely surprises. Two letters an a lovely silver angel wings tac pin from Kirks Folly -->from a unknown source?? The first letter was from my friend "Dragon" in the UK.. A sweet and heartfelt card full of dragon kisses from across the pond.. The second was from another friend here in the states "Silvercate "and she so thoughtfully send a surprise of the cutest bee stickers. So sparkling an bright in color.. (I post them here.) I really needed some cheering up and all of these unexpected surprises did the trick. I think I can sleep well tonight knowing I have such wonderful and caring friends..

On another note, as a means to cheer myself up I did some early Christmas shopping for my three grand daughters. The oldest is having a B-day end of July. So I got something for her B-day as well..
The shopping task is books in this case. I bought-->

  • Flower Fairies sticker book,
  • My first numbers-Fairyland book,
  • Flower Fairies activity books set of three,
  • The Tooth Fairy and other stories from the Forest Fairies,
  • VHS tape called "Kristen's Fairy House".

Has anyone seen this.. It has won several parenting awards?? It looks lovely as well.. I can say these are the most beautiful books.. If you have young ones or someone young at heart -->>PLEASE check these out I bought them from the link is in my side bar under favorite shopping spots. I am very impressed!!!

Two thumbs up!! From Bee