Monday, August 20, 2007

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Due to the latest on the stock market collapse , and our governments tactics of "mums the word" on the Real financial status of the country that will effect the 80 % of the American population that live below the current cost of living range -- NOT the 20 % that are "OUR" financial benefactors. No matter how many of President Bush's staff slowly slip away to get out of his shadow, I believe he will not leave office before his financial fleecing of this country catches up with him.. I think he miscalculated the trickle down affect of his own groups greed.. As every one below him also grabbed themselves a chunk.. Of America.

One more political financial note.. A national representative for the Saving and Loan Association spoke on the PBS public broadcast Radio last night he stated that the nation wide withdrawal rate for the Savings and Loan insitutions is at 30%. He stated that it has never been that high in their history and that they can not withstand another 2 %. If so it will be devastating to the Savings and Loans Insitutions. He also said that this money is not being recirculated into the financial system?? They are looking into who is collecting this money and not recircultiing it.. Thus starting what use to be called a " RUN" ( If yo do not know what run is watch; " Its a Wonderful Life --with Jimmy Stewart thats what the movie is about( I love that movie))
The National Interest rate is also at a critical place. I learned from a Financial Analyst on a PBS television broad cast that it has not been this low since two years before the stock market crash of the 1920's. This is not good folks.. I new the fleecing of America was going to get bad when Our presedent pushed us into Iraq. Its an old tactic used by goverment for century's..--> "To control large populations you keep them poor and confused."

I have placed a link for a article on the Federal Reserve ( Below) I think everyone should read.. I hated one part of it when the author states that the majority of people will not be able to understand or comprehend what it means..? I hate that !! But I recently read a statistical poll from a cable company that said the 86% of Americans do not have cable or satellite television service.. Which means that are watching

-->Air TV<--

Have you watched that crap!! It is truly frightful to think that's all the information 86% of America is getting!! I can just hope they are reading instead??

Federal Reserve Privately Owned?
When the 1816 charter expired in 1836, Andrew Jackson vetoed its renewal. It was then that he made two famous statements:

"The Bank is trying to kill me - but I will kill it!"
Later he said "If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system - there would be a revolution before morning..." (Reference 4)
Quote by Andrew Jackson

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