Sunday, October 14, 2007

Graveyard Art

Well yes, Tomb-stones, Head stones, Monuments. They are a fascination of mine for many, many years. I use to go set in the grave yard on sunny days & moon lite nights just to relax and write. I found a fascination for the unappreciated art that is found there. Sitting silently aging gracefully amongst acres of green grass and silent souls. Oh of course tomb-stones are a definite must in any Halloween decor as well!! But I find more to Tomb-Stones then a spot for a ghost to hide or a object that casts a frightful shadow amongst the dark quiet night. I find that this art work is some of the most beautiful I have seen anywhere. I love how they stand the test of time and silently tell of our history, human love, and compassion. So look beyond the eeriness of the surroundings as some would see it, and look for the talent and beauty of the form..

Sparkling flash lights