Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Most Special Witch

Well Merry, Merry to all, The air is crisp this morning with a lovely light blue sky. The colors of Autumn surround me. What a lovely day to start the 12th moon of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. I am posting photos of a most precious card I received in the mail yesterday from a dear friend across the pond.
"Free-Spirit" She truly is. As you can tell by this lovely card she made. It expresses her freedom and her friendship.. To take the time to make such a lovely card for me.. "Witch" I will always treasure. The colors did not come out that great in the photos but the card stock in a beautiful turquoise . The images are in the lovely pastel lavenders and greens. She sits upon a ancient peer block surrounded by dragon fly's with her hair flowing in the sea breeze.. I truly love this card, it has made my Samhain celebration very special. I posted two photos so you can see the 3 dimensional look of the images on the card...

I am a Very happy Bee.. Now I need to get on MY creativity cap and make her something as well.

Happy Sunday