Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy All Halo's Eve

Hi to all on this Glorious Halloween night, Also known as All Halo's eve, Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, Samhain, and the Celtic New Year. If the pumpkin is the obvious vegetable representing Halloween then the fruit is the magical apple. It was believed that this festival of the dead was once called the Festival of the Apples. In the story of King Arthur, upon death he was taken to Avalon. The Isle if the Apples to help wandering souls complete their journey to their own Avalon. Here are some words for apple magic on All Halow's Eve.

Anoint a black and Orange candle with apple juice then light and say these words:

On this night, the sacred
festival of the dead, may
your journey complete
safely once these words
are said..

Please enjoy some Halloween verse written by me -->the Bee !!

1313 Mill House Lane

A hoot, a snap, a creaking stair,
Strange figures flying in the air.
The witching hour as the bell tolls true,
To lure you to the witches brew.
Glowing eyes, in pumpkin fresh,
To help find your way to the Halloween fest...

By, Teresa McNair

Hallow's Eve

As darkness falls the moon shines bright.

A crack, a snap, will still this night.

The sound of silence, the gleaming bright.

Does chill the soul on Halloween night.

By, Teresa McNair

In the Crisp of the Night

The moon is full, shining bright,
Not one cloud anywhere in sight,
A streak of light across the sky,
I see a shape speeding by,
A swishing sound, a creak, a snap,
I turn to look behind my back,
A growl, a hiss, and then a snarl,


Oh, its my friend Carl !!

By, Teresa McNair

OCT. 30th 2007