Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lady Moon

Hi To all on this magical night, Alas I was not able to get a good photo of the Lunar eclipse this eve but I did get one and I video taped it too.. So I have posted a NASA photo of a red lunar eclipse of the past as well.

Lady Moon has not looked lovelier than on this eve.. Draped in red~~~



The night of the full moon is when the Lunar Lady shines her brightest. Not only is this a time of protection, magic, and getting rid of bad influences in you life. The full moon offers us the time to say thanks for the things we have accomplished during the last lunar period.

Giving thanks is part of the balance of the lunar cycles.

A verse of thanks for this eve..

Lady Moon I stand between the veil under your light.
I embrace my joy for life.
I recognize the energy and honor that you bring into my life, and am blessed for it.
Lady Moon, thank you for the light, and balance you bring into my life.