Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Brave Young Man

Hi to all, The above photo is of the Grandson and Granddaughter of a friend of mine. We call her "MagicWoman".. The boy is Jordan, and the girl is his sister Brittany. Young Jordan 13 years young was taken to the hospital in June 2008 after he took very ill. It was discovered that Jordan had 1 kidney, and it was only working at 30% and if there is a left kidney, it is oddly shaped and in the wrong place. Jordan's 1 kidney that was working at only 30% was found to be infected. Very dangerous, and a life threatening situation. With lots of prayers, fairy dust,and a good medical team Jordan has pulled though this rough patch. Although his life is changed somewhat. He is well and on a special diet, medications and under the watchful eyes of those that love him so. I know this brave young man will over come this hurdle in the road of life... This picture was taken shortly after he returned home. I thought he looked great for a boy that had gone through so much..
Hugs to all