Thursday, August 21, 2008

FairyWood of Brocéliande

Hi to all, Back to "whats in a name".. Much research is done and redone in ancient history. This research constitutes translation, which means crossing languages.. In the case of the Forrest of Brocéliande , Gaelic,& french language's for example.. Then different time periods also affect translation as well.This is really sometimes a great puzzle that needs to be solved as it was in the case of the location of the Forrest of Brocéliande .
I truly love reading and learning about this time period..
Enjoy this short blog about the FairyWood.

Brocéliande, is the remnant of a vast primeval forest which has been said that in the first centuries A.D. covered the interior of Brittany. The Location of the Forrest has been disputed. After doing a systematic search of the chambered cairns of the area, researchers studied all of the type called ; Clyde-Carlingford, there was only one candidate for Merlin’s Chapel on the Noquetran: the great chambered cairn on Windy Edge. The Windy Edge chambered cairn is, of course, in Dumfriesshire. It is now said with some degree of certainty that the chapel on the Noquetran is none other than the Windy Edge chambered cairn.

Photo; The great Chambered Cairn of Windy Edge.

In this case "Cairn"--- pile of stones used as marker or as a memorial to somebody who died there.
In Gaelic, mid 16th century; "Carn" means --- "heap of stones".

Torannán is then such a location for Merlin’s mountain it would fit a earlier identification of Merlin's Forest of Broceliande (in Old French Briosque + "land"), wrongly relocated to Brittany by the French troubadours, with the -fries component of Dumfries. As this type of research is very painstaking... it falls to translation of old Gaelic ECT. A lot of good research has been done on this subject.

“It was in Broceliande that the enchantress Vivian trapped the madman/prophet in a chambered tomb.”
Forrest of Broceliande is also known to be the place where fairies came from. The forest was also the homes of demons.
The dense shadowy forest has spawned numerous mysteries & legends including one of the most famous legends in western mythology. This enchanted region is the setting for the quest by the
Knights of the Round Table to recover the Holy Grail under orders from King devils and ghosts.
One of the best known inhabitants of the forest was Merlin the Magician. Merlin, a druid was friend & advisor to the young Arthur.
Note that the adventures of Vivienne and Merlin, Diana and Faunus, and Lancelot and Vivienne, all take place in Broceliande.
Ref; Audrey Shore Henshall’s 'The Chambered Tombs of Scotland' , Reference and Local Studies Department, Dumfries and Galloway Libraries, Information and Archives, Dumfries and Galloway Council.