Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's In a name ?

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In celebration of the twins born to; Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt. I thought I would do a blog entry on the name "Vivienne" as that is what they have named their new daughter. (I really liked their name choices.) Angelina named her first child Maddox, which is a name of Welsh origin and means good or generous. Little Zahara's name is of Arab origin and means flower.The second boy in the clan, Pax, is of Latin origin and means peace. Angelina's first biological child, Shiloh, has a very interesting name of biblical origins and the most probable meaning of it is gift. So her full name Shiloh Nouvel, meaning new gift.Now that two more kids have joined the Jolie - Pitt clan, their names are under the microscope! Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline ... Knox is a name of Old English origin and is rarely used these days. It means round-top hill. It also ends in X which seems to be a pattern for the boys names! MaddoX - PaX - KnoX. As for little Vivienne, her name is very interesting; Vivienne is of French origin and comes from the word Vive, which means to live or alive. Her second name is Marcheline, which is Angelina's mom's name! so, put together it gives the meaning Marcheline lives on!


A Vivienne from Arthurian Lore

The Lady of the Lake was known by many names. She was most often Nimue (pronounced Nim-oo-ay). Nimue, Vivien, Vivienne, Niniane .

Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian Legends and stories.

Nimue was often confused and misrepresented in Arthurian Legend as an enchantress wanting nothing more than to steal Merlin's magic. This is considered by most, a literary fabrication created by the misogynist, religious state of that time.
Literally, Nimue was the daughter of Diones and the lover of both Pelles and Merlin. In reference to Nimue as the Lady of the Lake, it was she who gave the sword Excalibur to Arthur and regained it when he died. She also accompanied three additional faerie queens to Avalon with the body of the slain king. It is also said that she stole the child Lancelot and cured his madness. This was done so Lancelot could become guard to Nimue's weak son Mabuz who was tormented by Iweret.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson paints one of the loveliest literary pictures of the Lady of the Lake in his great work, Idylls of the King. This first reference describes the Lady of the Lake presenting Excalibur to the King. The second reference is the return of the sword after the death of Arthur.

"And near him stood the Lady of the Lake
Who knows a subtler magic than his own-
Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful.
She gave the King his huge cross-hilted sword,
Whereby to drive the heathen out. A mist
Of incense curl'd about her, and her face
Well nigh was hidden in the minster gloom;
But there was heard among the hold hymns
A voice as of the waters, for she dwell
Down in the deep-calm, whatsoever storms
May shake the world- and when the surface rolls,
Hath power to walk the waters like our Lord."

Spoken by Sir Bedivere who was charged with casting Excalibur to the Lady...
"Then with both hands I flung him [Excalibur], wheeling him;
But when I look'd again, behold an arm;
Clothed in white samite, mystical, wonderful,
That caught him by the hilt, and brandish'd him
Three times, and drew him under the mere."

Mythologically, the Celtic Lady of the Lake was known as a Gwragedd Nnnwn (or Lake Faerie). These fae were often married to mortal men. They were lovely, blond women who enjoyed female company and aiding mortal women and children. The Lady of the Lake was also considered the Queen of the Isle of Maidens.

Nimue, mythologically, was a lessor Celtic Moon Goddess; cognate with the Greek Nemesis and Diana of the Grove. Her name meant "fate" and "she who lives" and was said to reside in the Fairy wood of Broceliande. She was also connected to the Goddess Morgan.

Archetypically, Nimue and the Lady of the Lake represented the primal initiation into the Other world. She reigned over knowledge, was the foster mother, and the mistress of wisdom.