Monday, September 29, 2008

Harvest from RavensWood

Hi to all, Well I am done.. All is well, and all canned, frozen, dried,& baked.. I am SOOooo tried!! But Happy..

A very bad garden year here at Ravenswood. Weather was very strange?? Even my bees had a odd season. I started with three hives mid summer -->two swarmed away. Then I had a swarm come, then another? Then one swarmed away. Then another came? At any rate.... Strange? Not much honey either, not enough for me to feel right about taken any.. So I will have to make do with the remnants from last years honey crop..

The photos above are of my garden treasures in all their glory. Canned goods; apple sauce, green beans, potato's, carrotts, and apple pie filling. I froze Blue berry's, Huckle berry's and Black berry's. I had a good Apple crop the most went to apple sauce.. Yummy!! But I had a small box left over so I made a giant apple pie today --->.. Almost a food group on its own!! I had a small but nice crop of pears too.. I truly love the fall with all its scents and colors, and OH the flavors!!

Sparkling fall leaves to all -->Bee