Sunday, October 05, 2008



Well the month is October, and Halloween is soon to be here-> Night of Masks. So what better month then this to write a blog entry on “Posers” (one who projects themselves, and their life as something it is not).
The way I see it being a Poser’s can be used in a selfless way, or it can be used to harm others.
I wonder sometimes who all the bloggers in the world really are? The politicians, Religious leaders? Are they really whom they project out to the world to see? I know for myself my blog, and poetry writing is a vessel for me. Through writing I portray a life that I would love to have but in reality it’s just is not true. I truly wish that happiness, and security was a reality for me but it is not.
So why do Posers do what they do? Maybe to make others feel good. So they do not worry about their friend or family member? Or maybe the black side of Posing->Many Politicians tell us what they think we want to hear. Maybe some of them actually believe it could someday be true? Or maybe they just use their "Pose" as a control? That’s a power that Religious leaders, and Politicians have over large groups of people.
Posers are in all parts of our lives; relationships, teachers, & family. So with an election year upon us its time we all here in the USA stop, and take a real look at those who represents US, and makes OUR choices for US. These choices affect everything around us, and the world view of the USA. (Take note of the state of the world view currently)

Our Schools, Church groups...The question one really needs to be asking is who are the people who are the founders of these groups. Are schools really providing an equal education? Are all students given all the information about educational options?? Who in our schools decides, and police’s the social situation in our schools..? Who are these people in public office that work, and decide for us what is right and best. Are the ministers, pastors, rabbi’s, and priests really the upstanding humans’ beings they represent to the world every day? Do they really use our good faith and financial gain to provide for the helpless, needy, and lost souls like they proclaim. In other words do they practice what they preach, and if so where is the documentation? Do they share with the congregations how, and whom benefited from our good faith, and money!!

I have many more questions about Poser’s but I hope at the end of my journey I do not find that all those whom the good people have put their faith in were not all from one collective organization using the goodness and trust of our people for personal gain.

So think about what I have said here or mostly implied.. Something is very wrong in our society very wrong.. I believe the results of this are just now starting to rear its ugly head.