Friday, November 28, 2008

26 days??

26 days till Christmas? Black Friday, The 30th anniversary of the movie the "Christmas Story?" Wow times does fly...
I have barely got my mind set to get my windows washed. I was hoping I could just wish my decorations up in one swift movement! I must admit I did do a tiny bit of online shopping yesterday but nothing major. I have given up present purchases for my family as it seemed unreal to buy gifts for people you never see, or who are ever home when you call. One never knows if they liked the gift, or if they even received it--> unless I put delivery confirmation on the packages, or UPS tracking! So it is just Christmas cards now, and a unanswered phone calls.. Oh do not get me wrong !! I love Christmas !! Always have.. I have just been unfortunate to have a family that do not at least when it means to include me.. I decorate, and make Merry every year. I create my own Fairyland filled with mystery, and magic. I never believed that Christmas was every about the gifts anyway I believed it was always about the mystic.. I must say it is my number 2 holiday in the year.. I begin the decorating this weekend.. Starting with the white fairy lights.. As my Fae await their twinkle!! And so do I!!

Eat well today my friends, and make merry!!! The magic is just beginning..
"God Bless us all, everyone"

Sparkling Bee