Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

by Eudora S. Bumstead 1919

THERE once was a restless boy who dwelt in a home by the sea,
Where the water danced for joy and the wind was glad and free:But he said,
"Good mother, oh! let me go;For the dullest place in the world, I know,
Is this little brown house,Under the apple-tree.
"I will travel east and west;The loveliest homes I'll see;And when I have found the best,Dear mother, I'll come for thee. I'll come for thee in a year and a day, and joyfully then we'll hasten awayFrom this little brown house,This little old brown house,Under the apple-tree."
So he traveled here and there, But never content was he,Though he saw in lands most fair The costliest homes there be. Till he turned again with a wistful sigh to the little brown house,Under the apple-tree.
Then the mother saw and smiled,While her heart grew glad and free,"Hast thou chosen a home, my child?Ah, where shall we dwell?" quoth she, and he said, "Sweet mother, from east to west,The loveliest home, and the dearest and best, Is a little brown house,Under an apple-tree."