Friday, April 20, 2007


*~*Garden Magic*~*

The hoe is a simple garden tool, almost unchanged in appear­ance since ancient times. Our early ancestors' hoe was a long stick with the shoulder blade of an animal attached to it. Ask any gardener what a hoe is used for, and they'll tell you it's for turning the soil and preparing a seed bed—but they fail to mention the "magic" found in a hoe. When you use a hoe in the spring, you are connecting with Mother Earth after winter's rest. You can feel it: the sun on your face, the feel of the hoe in your hand, and the scent of the moist, fresh earth. But the most magical part of all is when you lean on your hoe after a session in the garden. That is when you learn the secret only a fellow gardener would know: the Earth belongs to us, and we belong to the Earth.
There is a old saying I think pertains to this as well; "Good things come to those who wait"
If anyone out there has grown gardens or grows them now.. You really get the drift of that old saying!!