Monday, March 10, 2008

Imagine Something Wonderful !!

Happy Words...

I Thought I would share a method I use sometimes to inspire myself and create.. I always light my favorite scented candle, and surround myself with the things I love the most. When I partake in my imagination exercises.. <---LOL
I do not know what else to call it???



Copy & paste this to your computer then print out this page and cut apart the words.
" I have put the words in short sentence form only to save space on this blog entry. The words are meant to be cut " individually" from each each sentence.." (It is easier to print this way to..)

Separate them by color.

Pick one pink, one blue, one yellow and one purple.

Make a sentence.

Close your eyes and imagine how it would look. How it would move? What colors it would be? Which is the biggest part? What do you like best?Add anything you like to the picture.

What happens next? Once you can see it clearly in your mind...the rest is easy.

Use it as inspiration for a story. Or a picture.

*~* What if pink friends dreamed wings

*~* What if bubbling places sent celebrations

*~* What if striped dreams caught stars

*~* What if happy friends floated love

*~* What if magical doors imagined rainbows

*~* What if glittering hearts wished love

*~* What if friendly magic wands smiled ladybugs

*~* What if pink days loved friends

*~* What if lucky doors opened treasures

*~* What if sparkling skies became nests

*~* What if happy songs treasured moons

*~* What if enchanted teacups sparkled glitter

*~* What if wishful love bubbled friends

*~* What if cozy porches painted laughs

*~* What if merry chairs sweetened trees

*~* What if shining ladies smiled wishes

*~* What if tiny thoughts made flowers

*~* What if wavy tables warmed thoughts

*~* What if small hearts became flowerbeds

*~* What if butterfly hearts dreamed teaparties

*~* What if blooming hands giggled wildflowers

*~* What if fuzzy dreams caught roses

*~* What if bubbly parasols loved doves

*~* What if purple wings lit night skies

*~* What if sweet stones hummed sparkles

*~* What if fuzzy blossoms hid hearts

*~* What if sparkling hearts dreamed butterflies

*~* What if lucky wishes painted rainbows

*~* What if wishing eyes treasured hearts

*~* What if little clocks cheered thoughts

*~* What if small gardens sprouted days

*~* What if friendly wildflowers guided friends

*~* What if laughing homes c olored pansies

*~* What if merry ladybugs imagined wings

*~* What if secret dreams became songs

*~* What if blooming times believed gardens

*~* What if wavy hearts sang friendship