Saturday, March 15, 2008

Puppy Update

Hi to all, Well believe it or not my puppies are six months old this month.. My gosh times flies! They are both very different, but very much the same... :-) Sunny he has taken on his role of the guardian--> herding his mom in and out of the house, and ever so watchful when I am outside.. He also likes reprimanding Kayla as she has a memory of convenience when it comes to --> the No NO things.. Sunny takes it upon himself to discipline her when he sees her misbehaving~~ :-) Really Funny to watch!!
Leash broke, potty trained, catching balls, and learning all the boundary's. Doing well with all that considering their age. Well that's the update.. They are loving the spring weather, and seeing all the birds ect.. Very intriguing to them especially the Canadian geese..
Sparkling spring raindrops