Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pixie Lore

Hi to all. It seems these mischievous creatures have hacked my blog<-- Re; the most recent blog post of "Cinco De Mayo" dated as March fifth -->instead of -->May 5th. I had pre -- prepared it, and the last thing I did yesterday was change the month for that post, and saved it as a draft?
Seems the "Pixies" had other ideas and did not want this post blogged about their tricks and tendencies!!! This is the post that was suppose to be here yesterday..
Bee Buzzing -- looking for pixies and brownies in her study!!

Tiny, lithe, winged trouble makers from the moors of Cornwall, England, Pixies have a colorful background. There are several myths and legends surrounding Pixies and their origins. One such myth is that Pixies were originally Druids who resisted Christianity, it's said the more they resisted the smaller they grew.. One other legend claims Pixies were once humans, who in the after life, weren't good enough to get into heaven, yet not bad enough for Hell. Destined to roam the earth for eternity they adapted.
Pixies dwell in the twilight, between day and night, between the heavens and the earth, between the conscious and the unconscious... where all things are possible, where our past and future meet, where we meet ourselves coming back. When we dance with the pixies, we dance with the reflections of our true selves and the true nature of the world.
Pixies love to dance. Their music is the most haunting and beautiful ever heard by human ears. Music filled with ancient sadness, as sweet as fresh honey, deeply sensual, with rhythms that are tranquil one moment, demented the next. Because of the limitations of the human ear, it is a music that is more felt then heard. Pixies often dance in circles, leaving rings of flattened grass to mark the sites of their midnight revels-- or circles of toadstools springing up where Pixie feet have trod.

Pixie have many abilities, cunning and mischievous they are normally looking for trouble of some sort. A Pixie is merely the size of a mortal mans hand, but they do have the ability to shift to full grown human size, possibly a left over gift from their days as humans. Their relationship with mortals is a tricky one at best, Pixies enjoy playing tricks, teasing mortals. "Pixie-led", an enchantment of sorts over a mortal, causing them to wander aimlessly through the forest, muttering in strange tongues. Some poor souls are never found...Pixie-led and never seen again. To ward off this fate, tis common for mortals to wear their coats inside out and confuse the Pixies...really it just makes the Pixies laugh. Farmers have been known to try and humor the Pixies by leaving sweetened milk out for them and sweeping their hearths for Pixie dancing.
Pixies are deeply rooted in magic, resistant to any but their own but because of their size they are very vulnerable to the cold. Of all the races, pixies are among the most intelligent, very wise and dexterous, they know few equals. A pixie can be your best friend or your worst enemy, being the holders of the secret of pixie dust; which they can use to make themselves invisible or put others to sleep, is one of their greatest weapons. Pixies may not be physically strong but attacking one would be ill advised, as pixies are very close knit and loving of one another, attacking one brings on the wrath of all.

"And the Fairies are rhythmic creatures. "They may not be approached through prose alone. The pulse of fairy-life beats in swaying rhythmic verse. So in this book will be found tales of Elves and witchery strung like precious fairy jewels on a gossamer thread of pale moonbeam, alternating with tiny beads of clan song, madrigal, and charm. And this wonder necklace, this chain of fairy gems flashing with morning dew, may it delight our children by its freshness."
-Frances Jenkins Olcott, "Wonder Tales from Fairy Isles", 1929.