Thursday, March 20, 2008

Say Farewell to the Darkness

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, is an enchanted borderland time outside of time where a magical seam joins dark and light. From this moment on, the Sun God begins his seminal journey across the sky. His light and warmth overtake the darkness of Winter until his power peaks at Summer Solstice in June.
Ostara is a time of new fire. The light and dark are in perfect balance, but the light is growing and the Sun is about to burst forth with new energy. It is a season of fertility and growth.

Eostre or Ostara, is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring to whom offerings of cakes and colored eggs were made at the Vernal Equinox. Rabbits were sacred to her, especially white rabbits, and she was believed to take the form of a rabbit.

"At this time, witches cast spells for careers, relationships, and love. It's a time for planting new ideas. Seek harmony and balance in the incredible energy of the season, and project good health, good fortune, and confidence in achieving goals."

For the Ostara Table:

-- Candles should be light green.
-- Incense may be jasmine.
-- Decorate the circle with spring wildflowers.
-- Place an earthenware or wooden bowl containing soil or a large seed of some kind on the table.

HERBS, to use in your magic at Ostara: lily of the valley, tansy, lavender, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, lovage, lilac, violets, lemon balm, dogwood, honeysuckle, oak moss, orris root, sunflower seeds, rose hips, oak, elder, willow, crocus, daffodil, jonquil, tulip, broom (Scotch or Iris), meadowsweet, acorn, trefoil (purple clover), vervain.

STONES: Clear quartz crystal, rose quartz, agate, lapis lazuli, amazonite, garnet.


"Have a traditional breakfast of; buns, ham, and eggs."

Make natural egg dyes from herbs.

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Color hard boiled eggs and add symbols for the Fertility God, the Goddess, the Sun God, unity, fire, water, agriculture, prosperity and growth, strength and wisdom, spring, love and affection, and protection.

"It is important at this time of renewed life to plan a walk (or a ride) through
gardens, a park, woodlands, forest and other green places. This is not simply
exercise, and you should be on no other mission. It isn't even just an
appreciation of nature. Make your walk celebratory, a ritual for nature itself. "

A traditional Vernal Equinox pastime: Go to a field and randomly collect wildflowers.

Toss crushed eggshells into the garden and say:

"For fairy, for flowers, for herbs in the bowers, The shells pass fertility with springtime flowers."

Wear green clothing.

On Ostara Eve, light a purple or violet candle and burn patchouli incense. Carry them both through the house, and say: Farewell to wintry spirits and friends; On morrow we greet the spirits of spring. Our blessings to thee as your way we wend; And merry we'll meet next winter again. Blow out the candle and say: Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

FOOD: Eggs! Spring lamb, cream, and milk, bake bread with a decorated egg inside, spring salad, hot cross buns.Foods in tune with this day (linking your meals with the seasons is a fine way of attuning with nature) include those made of seeds, such as sunflower,
pumpkin and sesame seeds, as well as pine nuts.

Eat an egg you have empowered with a quality you desire.

Sprouts are equally appropriate, as are leafy, green vegetables. Flower dishes
such as stuffed nasturtiums or carnation cupcakes also find their place here.
"Find a book of flower cooking or simply make spice cupcakes. Ice with pink
frosting and place a fresh carnation petal on each cupcake. Stuff nasturtium
blossoms with a mixture made with cream cheese, chopped nuts, chives and
watercress. "

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