Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May is Fairy Month

The month of May is tradition­ally associated with the fairies, and interactions between this world and the fairy realm. In Celtic folklore, human beings venture forth to meet with both mortal, and fairy lovers. If you desire this type of relationship, carry talismans of protection that will allow you to return to this world. These Scottish lyrics tell of a union with a fairy lover — use them if you dare.

Wine of the wort
I'll give to thee,
Well I'll love thee,
Under the plaid,
If you come home with me
To the fairy knoll.
I was last night In the meadow,
Drinking ale with the Beguiling one.
I left my love in the doorway Of the fairy bower
With eyes like a star, and a voice like a Stringed instrument
My green-clad love Of the mist.

I must add this tid bit. Maybe some of you can try this next year?

In the month of April on Betane Eve try this "Beltane Eve Fairy Spell".

On the eve of Beltane the fairies are out in force. this is a fairy spell to work in your own garden or backyard. Gather together violets, St. John's wort, and clover. The violets are a fairy favorite. The St. John's wort will protect you from becoming fairy-led or tricked, and the clover is for prosperity and good luck. Gather these plants together, forming a little posy, and then tie it up with green ribbons. Blow the fair­ies a kiss and leave the posy as a gift. Now go and sit in the garden and try to meditate or to communicate with the fairies.

Say to yourself;

Fairies from far and wide,

I offer you a gift,

Tied up in green for luck,

And sealed with a kiss.
I can sense you If I'm pure of heart,

Bless me with good luck and sooth my dreaming heart.