Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bee's Halloween decor

Hi to all, Well I am already for "All Hallows Eve. I love it !! The great lights, the beautiful colors of nature.. Of course growing my own pumpkin makes it great too!! (which was a chore this year).. Lucky Me I got one a big one too!! I will not carve him till "All Hallows Eve day. The lovely Scarecrow dry flower arrangement is placed in a vintage antique carnival glass vase.. The pattern on the glass is called "tree trunk" (Made by the Northwood glass company) I thought it was a perfect fit!! Of course my favorite Halloween boot on my table surrounded by Kirks Folly sparkling home decor items..
My two new goblets "Witchy Poo" and "Dragon" with a Kirks Folly lovely grey, and silver shawl as my table runner..

Sparkling Jack-O-Lantern's