Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Halloween is going to stink this year !!

Hi to all, Well did anyone watch our Presidents news conference about the financial state here in the USA on October 7th..

Well to sum it up. He insulted a man asking or basically pleading for him to fix this current financial situation so he could help his wife continue her business.
Well we got the expected answer.. Quote George W. Bush Jr.... "Oh that was smart"( Insinuating about his wife's business & that when it fails it was not his business but his wife's..
Then quote: "It has just occurred to me how important credit is to the consumers of the country!"

This man George W. Bush Jr. ignorance just astounds me. He was rude , unkind and had a hint of prejudice in the way he spoke to this citizen. This mans wife would not even speak I think she wanted to kick him in the balls!! I am scared to death as to what is going to happen when this man, and his thugs leave the office. Most of his entourage have separated themselves from him by resignation beginning three years ago..
We now know some of the financial fleecing this country has taken from this administration. Stealing every thing that they could, or had access to. But I fear the worst will be revealed when they all bail out of DC very soon!!
So let he be known for these famous last words with 28 days left in office:

"It has JUST occurred to me how important credit is to the consumers of this country"